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Professional Retrofit Double Glazing Service in Auckland

What is Timber Retro-Fit Double Glazing?

Retrofit Double Glazing is a replacement glazing system using your original window frames.

Excellent Timber Retro Fitting at an Affordable Price

Sauvarins Glass are specialists in retrofitting timber frames. For a solution that essentially retains the character and look of your home, retrofit double glazing is an excellent option and ideal for bungalows, villas, ex-state houses and other houses with wooden joinery.

Double Glazing Character Villa

 Key considerations of a Sauvarins Retrofit assessment:


The Double Glazed units are factory made with two panes of glass separated by a sealed airspace. The sealed airspace provides insulation. Sauvarins Glass uses the latest double glazing manufacturing technology from New Zealand's leading glass suppliers. There are many glass upgrade options available, which can increase insulation and reduce noise along with the option of Argon gas, laminated and low E glass. Tinted glass and leadlight double glazed options are also available. Depending on your overall desired outcome, you are welcome to mix and match the glass upgrades and extras by room and/or location

Draft Sealing

We can supply and install seals onto your windows and doors to make them more efficient. Draft seal is always an optional extra. 


If you would like your window or door hardware changed when the double glazing is installed, we can advise on and recommend suitable hardware to maintain the traditional look of the existing windows. This includes sash lifts, window handles and locking sash bolts for security.


If you have a fixed window panel but are concerned about ventilation, we are happy to advise on vents which will further enhance the effectiveness of your double glazing allowing you to take more control over your indoor air quality.

General Maintenance

When our sales consultant visits your house, they will check your window and door frames for any signs of rot or decay. If we can do a small repair on the frame we will however; if the frames are too damaged or rotten, the only option may be to replace. In this case a new sash will be required - We can quote on replacement or you can choose to use your own builder/tradesman.

For double hung villa windows we always recommend replacement rollers and sash cord. This is not only to take the increased weight of the new double glazed unit but also because it is a great time to get these changed over when our team are working in and on the frames so that you do not have to get another tradesman in later on down the track to carry out the work. If you are wanting both panels in the double hung window to be operational, lead weights can be added on to offset the weight of the new double glazed unit.

Replacement friction stays and hinges are also recommended for opening sashes as required again, to take the increased weight of the double glazed unit.

Today, standard windows are 4mm clear glass. In older houses, the windows tend to be thinner, sometimes 2mm or 3mm clear glass. The standard double glazed unit is 18mm thick so quite an upgrade!

For a weight comparison consider a glass panel size of 1 metre x 1 metre and its corresponding weight:

Glass Type Weight
3mm Clear 7.35 kg
4mm Clear 9.8 kg
Standard Double Glazed Unit
(4mm Clear / 10mm Spacer / 4mm Clear)
19.6 kg

Double Glazing Art Deco House

We are happy to discuss all options with you at your home or you can contact us any time for a free no obligation quote.


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Benefits of Retro-fit double glazing

check_circle Double Glazing is one of the best and easiest ways to maximize your wall insulation and effectively reduces heat loss through your windows.
check_circle Better insulation means a warmer and drier home in winter.
check_circle Cooler in summer.
check_circle Reduces heating and cooling costs.
check_circle You still maintain the look and character of your home.

We are authorised installers of the Thermawood double glazing system.
Learn more about Thermawood.



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