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Mt Eden Council Chambers & Fire Station

Watts & Hughes Construction were tasked with executing a heritage renovation of Mt Eden's former Mayoral Chambers and Fire Station

The Details

As specialists in retrofit double glazing for timber frames, Sauvarins Glass was enlisted to provide the best double glazing solution availal

Key criteria were:

  • Appearance
  • Thermal performance
  • Acoustic performance
  • Longevity for the existing 100 year old timber joinery.

This was to be a high spec renovation so the final glass solution needed to incorporate modern glazing technology (high performance double glazing) while still retaining the historical features of the building.

The Solution

The Chambers & Station building is a Category 1 Listed Historic place which meant we needed to meet special criteria for work to be done.

Step 1:

  • Non-invasive testing - we asked the office staff questions as per the Thermawood Check Sheet.
  • Observed for visible signs as per the Thermawood Check Sheet.
  • Assess common areas as per the Thermawood Check Sheet.
    • Cracking in cladding and/or staining and discoloration are often reliable signs of moisture ingress and subsequent timber decay

Step 2:

  • Probing timber with specialised tooling as per the Thermawood Check Sheet.
  • We also used several other methods that would indicate decay.

Step 3:

The double glazed unit (DGU) that Sauvarins came up with is a DGU that gives the Chambers & Station building heat reduction, noise reduction and increases the comfort for the people living in the apartments.

Joining the two buildings together is a frameless system utilising spider fittings and toughened laminated glass fitted by Woods Glass.

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Window Association of New Zealand (WANZ) 2017 National Winner

Comments from the judge: A faultless executed project of great style and confidence which remains entirely true to the character of the heritage buildings being restored. This is an exemplar project which immaculately restores and extends the life of very dignified civic buildings of the early 20th century. Both the interiors and the exteriors are calm and poised and the glazing - which in style and appearance is faithful to the original intentions but now performs to 21st century standards - makes a significant and valuable contribution to the outcome.


GANZ 2017 Glass Industry Award
(Adobe PDF) 489KB



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